Family Forum is to give every one in the family the opportunity to contribute and deal with various frightening issues confronting the family. The members of the family are the Trinity, Father, Mother and the Children.

Because of the seriousness of these issues and the damage they could cause, it is believed that every member of the family should always speak out on what their thoughts are on these issues. These opportunities should be regular and open minded.


Jesus asked the disciples - but whom say ye that I am? Hence our Family Forum is quarterly and open to everyone to freely express any concern on any mind bothering issues. More so in this day and age nothing should be allowed to be swept under the carpet or said to be of no importance.

1Sam 2:22-25

Eli told his sons what he heard about them and corrected them but was not firm enough which cost them their lives. He needed to give them the opportunity to explain why they kept falling into these temptations so as to know direction of prayer.

The danger of these bothering issues made it important for God to always come down into the Garden of Eden to be with the first family He created Gen 3:8-13

If they had discussed their interest or concern about the forbidden fruit with God and the pressure from the serpent, families will not have been in the present day predicament. Likewise in Jn 19:26-27

Jesus Christ saw the importance of family and told his earthly mother, Woman behold thy son and to John behold thy mother.

The choice of Peter amongst many others was that Christ saw the concern and love for family in the heart of Peter. Peter never thought of mother in-law as just an in-law, Jesus saw his heart and had to heal his mother in-law. Jesus also gave him the privilege to be where deliverance was done in a family Lk 8:51
Beloved let the love of Christ be in you and I for the family of Christ (church), our immediate family, and extended family. Let us make sure this love keeps growing in the presence of the Lord and remember the saying: The family that prays together stays together.


Family Forum as we believed is an avenue or forum where every member; Father, Mother and the Children can trust one another’s judgment or opinions on any issue raised.
In Gen 3:6, it is widely believed that Eve caused Adam to fall, however we must not forget that for them to be able to live together they needed to trust each other. Gen 24:57-58 tells us of when Rebecca was asked if she will follow this man, the attitude of the parents and brothers was nothing other than being sceptical but Rebecca said I believe the message of this man and I trust that the man to whom I am going will take care of me.
When you trust one another in a family you have successfully eradicated the very first huddle in that relationship. You are more or less saying whatever the past may be I am not interested, I am only interested in the present and the future upon which I can work on to see succeed. Mk 10:9 says what God has joined together let no man put asunder. The serpent did not succeed in putting asunder but succeeded in causing them to disobey God. The serpent knew that when they disobey God they will blame one another which was what happened to Adam and Even and that will bring division contrary to Mk 10:9 . For the union not to be broken by man and not give the (serpent) a say, every family needs to stand in prayers for one another. Husband MUST be praying for the wife and children, wife MUST be praying for husband and children and the children MUST be praying for their parents. And if we are all in the place of prayers, the enemy will not have nothing to do with us or give room for any doubt.
In this day and age if we look closely most of the divorce and broken down homes are due to the fact that they were never in the place of prayers for one another and big room for the enemy cause a doubt in their union was created.
Doubts can be prayed about, discussed and resolved.


Success can be likened to a special delicacy needing several ingredients to prepare. Often times, heat is what is required to transform the raw ingredients to the final product. You already know that to be successful, you need to have a vision, you need to think strategically and you need to have a giving heart among other things. Desire is that fire in your heart that drives all these qualities into place and produces success. As a fan of sports generally, I have on numerous occasions seen less rated players or teams overcome the highly rated ones. Many of the times, it’s not down to the top players having an off day or being unlucky, it is usually because the less rated players or teams have an overwhelming desire to win on the day. In the same vein, success cannot be withheld from a person who has a strong desire to succeed.
Desire is like a magnetic force; the stronger it is, the more its power to attract. Napoleon Hill says, "A great desire for freedom brings freedom; a great desire for wealth brings wealth. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat." Every person who has made history for good has been fuelled by a desire for something. Think about any aspect of human life, is it freedom, giving to charity, dominating a particular aspect of life such as sport, music, everyone who excelled in these areas had a strong passion for a goal. In the same light, everyone who has made or is making history for evil was either driven or is being driven by desire. Adolf Hitler had a desire to dominate the world, serial killers kill to fulfil aspects of their desire. According to the Bible, even the devil was dethroned from his position because he had a wrong desire. Unfortunately, many of us only focus on these negative aspects of desire, and therefore do not consciously develop a desire to succeed. There is nothing wrong in having a strong desire to become great for a good cause. As a matter of fact, if you do not have a desire to achieve your life goals, you will not achieve them. Such is the power of desire.
How do you identify your true desire? The answer is simple, think about the end product. If for example, you want to have a lot of money so you can give to worthy causes, then your true desire is giving to charity. You need to have this picture clear in your mind to help drive your actions. Below I discuss 3 broad goals that could form the basis of a strong desire for success:
To affect other people’s lives positively:  you can only amount to someone significant if someone has a reason to say thank you because you are alive. This point has been addressed in detail in last week’s write up. Please refer to the article titled “Pay it forward” for further details.
To give your children and generations after them leverage: wouldn’t it be nice to spare your children some of the hassles you went through to get to where you are today? Better still, wouldn’t it be great to give them those opportunities you dreamed of but couldn’t reach? I was fascinated by the reality painted by a documentary series done in England called ‘The Up series’. The series followed up the lives of 14 children of different social backgrounds every 7 years right from when they were all aged 7(in 1964). The explicit assumption of the program creators was that each child’s future social class is predetermined by his social class at 7(i.e. father’s social class), using Francis Xavier’s saying “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man” as the premise. The sad truth is that the series so far has proved the statement to be true. An analysis of a much bigger cohort study from a group of about 1,700 children born in 1958 also found similar results.  It showed in particular that children from low social classes at the age of 7 found it very hard to change their social class in their adult life. On the contrary, many children in the upper social class maintained their class in their adult life.
To give you a better life: you as an individual deserve a better deal in life. There is much more you can do with your life than a revolving cycle of waking up, going to work and coming back to go to bed. You deserve the best that life can offer. You will greatly succeed.



  • Oh Lord, every seat of death, sorrow, sickness, prepared for me and all my loves will forever be vacant; it will never be occupied by any of us IJN.
  • Father, reveal to me every plan and manipulation of my adversary to prolong my journey to greatness; guide me in what to do and make a way of escape IJN.
  • Father, whenever they gather against me and my family at home, in the neighbourhood, at work, and in the city, Oh Lord, cause irresolvable disagreement among them IJN.
  • Father, every flood and storm that has not allowed my ark of destiny to settled; today begin to dry up and be still IJN
  • Father, I thank you because you are a prayer answering God and you will perfect all that concerns me and my family in Jesus name


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