Title: UNDENIABLE FACT; Text: Ps 119:89-91

About this time over 2000 years ago, on a Saturday morning like this day it was not certain if Christ will ever rise from the grave but he arose because it was an undeniable fact of the words of the Lord.

It is undeniable fact that you will succeed, be fruitful, have a break through, serve the Lord completely, live a holy life and be great.

When Jesus died, there were three personalities whose reputations were at stake:

a) the personality of the Almighty

Rom 3:4, Num 23:19, Heb 6:18 confirms that God can never lie

b) the personality of Jesus Christ. In Jn 2:19, Jesus answered them, "destroy this temple and I will build it again in three days"

c) the personality of the Disciples

1Corinth 15:14 if Christ had not risen, then is our preaching vain, so is our faith vain and of all men we are most miserable


Father, I thank you because it is an undeniable fact that you will lie or repent of our words

Father, I thank you because it is an undeniable fact that I will succeed in life and in my service to you

2. Father, today remove every uncertainty around my life, family and my future that says I and my family will not glorify you

3. Father, Jesus came out of the grave of this evil world, I declare to everything that represent grave of this evil world; "I and my family will surely come out of them”

4. Father, heaven was restless until Jesus was brought out of the grave with all the required helps; please send help to me and my family and bring us out of every unwanted situation

5. Father, your words are forever settle, no matter what I might have or may go through; let your words prevail over them in my life

6. Father, no matter what I have done, have mercy on me and my family and don’t leave in any unpleasant situation

7. Father, because your words are forever settle, let it be settled that I will succeed, have breakthrough and I will never remain in the dark side/part of life

8. Father, Jesus rose in your glory; I will arise in the brightness of your glory in my career, ministry and all endeavours of life

9. Father, I decree "your name will never be put into disrepute", I command every power behind such attempt to bow to me now in Jesus' name

10. Father, I thank you for my life will bring shame, disappoint and regret to all powers behind unwanted situation that might want to dominate me and my family

11. Father, I thank you because my life, ministry, family, future circumstances will continue to glorify you throughout this year and beyond




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